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This month I had the pleasure of meeting the creators of Häuslein at the Sydney Home Show, they are the craftsmen of the Australian Tiny House which are designed and built right here in Australia.

I was intrigued when I saw the teeny tiny home displayed but once I got a closer look I was in absolute awe and I couldn't believe the size and how much room there was. From the moment I opened the front door from when I laid my head down in the queen-sized master bed, I enjoyed every aspect of this small but luxurious home.

Tiny House - Create Design Love

At every stage of the build process the Häuslein team pay close attention to detail to ensure that the finished product is just right, as they believe great design leads to better living spaces.

I have to say Häuslein Tiny Houses don't just look stunning – they are highly practical too. Every square inch of the floor plan has been thought about. They've included an innovative slide-out section which completely opens up the internal space in the Sojourner model. Fixtures & fittings are cleverly chosen by people who have lived in tiny houses to maximise every area of functionality. All of this is done so that you'll enjoy living in your tiny house, even once the novelty has worn off. And because their tiny houses are trailer-mounted, you can move your home with you anytime you wish.

Tiny House - Create Design Love

As affordability is a big issue in housing today they have put pricing as a top priority. They said "Our goal is to provide quality housing at an affordable price. Imagine being able to fully pay off your home in 4 years instead of 30! Or did you know you can put a tiny house (they are built on a trailer) in your backyard and have a member of your household live in it full time without any DA Approval needed? Another saving of your time and money!"

With the ‘Little Sojourner’ starting at only $75,000, plus with the option to go off grid, enabling you to virtually eliminate those ongoing utility bills - it's hard to ignore these amazing tiny homes!

Tiny House - Create Design Love

I have picked out my top three product thats would look perfect in your tiny home! Utilising the space even further.

Premium faux leather leisure chair from our Designer collection. The perfect living room chair which would slip perfectly in your tiny living room. Shop here.

Leather Chair - Create Design Love - Tiny House

Luxury printed pillow case with sweet tassel balls. Made from a cotton blend. Plus, they are Eco-Friendly and Non-Toxic, with an invisible zip closure. Shop here.

Pillow - Create Design Love

Create your own tiny garden for your tiny house with these scandinavian metal pots perfect for planting your succulents! Shop here.

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I hope you enjoyed this blog and my inspiration from the team at Häuslein, leave me a comment below or if you want to share your tiny home send me some photos and a little bit about it at hello@createdesignlove.com 

With love, Laura x

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